What is a CSA?

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What is a CSA?

The term CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When joining a CSA offered by a local farm, the customer, also known as a "member" or "shareholder", buys a "share" of the farmers' harvests at the beginning of the growing season. In return, the member has access to high-quality, diverse, seasonal produce throughout the year. Since farmers accrue most of their expenses long before the vegetable is actually pulled from the field, upfront payments help cover the cost of those early-season expenditures, such as seeds, labor and other supplies that help support a successful harvest season.

In a traditional CSA, when the farm experiences a great year with high-productivity, the shareholders enjoy the marvelous bounties of the harvests. If the farm happens to lose a few crops that season, the shareholders may not see that crop for the rest of the year or perhaps until later in the season. The shareholders share the risks of the farm (and there are a lot of risks), but instead of these farming mishaps potentially putting the farm out of business, the support of the shareholders creates some financial stability for the farmer.

These days, you can find farms providing a variety of CSA options. Some offer a pre-packed box of veggies chosen by the farmer, others offer a market-style display where the shareholder can pick their produce with little to no limitation of type and quantity. Whatever the design, the farm is dedicated to providing it's community local, fresh produce in exchange for the support of it's members.


Why It Works For You

By joining a CSA, you:

  • have access to fresh, nutrient-dense, high-quality produce throughout the year
  • get great produce at discounted prices
  • know exactly where your food is coming from and who grows it
  • support your local farmer (we appreciate it SO MUCH)
  • have the opportunity to be a part of a new community

 Why It Works For Us

By you joining a CSA, we:

  • are able to cover the costs of early season expenses
  • have a better idea of what and how much to to grow
  • share the risks of farming with the community
  • have the opportunity to get to know who is eating our food, and how it is being prepared (this helps us decide what varieties to grow!)
  • get to share our food with the people in our community, and make some new friends while we do it!


Our 2019 Free-Choice, Market-Style CSA

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